COPOWI: a “Free” ISP Provider through Free Telematics

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On a Smart Mobs blog post; i just discovered today about Copowi that is set out to offer a fully FLOSS ISP service, which would include also several additional guarantees for several rights of its users. They plan to release all their code under Affero License, as much as possible. They seemed very aligned towards our same goal of putting users in control of their telematics through social control (“Community” in their language) and FLOSS. It seems that our proposed tecniques of individual control through democratic processes could complement their approach very well.

Here is a letter we wrote to them today:

Hello,we just discovered your project. We have been working on very similar lines. From discussions with Henri Poole (creator of the Affero) and Richard Stallman, we have been working on ways to enable web user to have the same freedom over a web service as they have over a FLOSS app running on a GNU/Linux PC. We are in the process of devising ways in which, certain hosting requirements and joint democratic control by users could achieve such individual control. We’d be interested for example in a partnership in the implementation of a first deployment.Rufo

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One Response to “COPOWI: a “Free” ISP Provider through Free Telematics”

  1. rufo Says:

    here’s their reply:

    Thank you for your email. It is heartening to see so many people working
    towards one goal and that is a fair and open Internet. This is one of
    the issues we know we have to grapple with (joing democratic control)
    and are glad that your project exists. We would be delighted to
    participate in any way we can.


    George Matafonov
    Senior Partner

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